Silly Saturday...

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So, godalming part damp, chris cracks board, chris snaps board, to london, luigi gets chris a board, stuck in traffic, luigi misses train home plus meal, chris' new board doesn't feel new, holborn shit, oxford street mannies, aj slams, back to car, stuck in traffic, euston spot windy cold, back to car, stuck in traffic fuel light, running out of petrol, wave at girls, laugh at small midjet woman, tooting incident, pulled over "any dead bodys in the boot lads?". Surrey, cop worked in epsom, cool. Texaco 93.7 a litre, city prices, wandsworth wait "only late night menu". Munch, head home, aj begins to fall asleep, opens sunroof to stay awake, m&s garage, nearly at bateups.You say burpham we say DOOOT